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Mondays 6.15pm- 7pm.


Hove Street South, Next to King Alfred Car Park, Hove Seafront, BN3 2WW.

Membership: £28 per month via Paypal

Membership also includes weekly Livestream Workouts via Zoom on Saturdays 9.30am- 10.30am.


Our classes are the best way to introduce yourself with Kettlebell training in a fun group setting.

Signing up to our classes will give you great results, guaranteed!!

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The group atmosphere is great fun and will push you to achieve more than you thought possible!

Class Contents:

  • Safety Introduction
  • Kettlebell Background
  • Dynamic warm up
  • All foundation Kettlebell Exercises
  • Bodyweight exercises
  • Cool down & Stretch

Class Levels:

Over time your fitness and technique will improve, allowing you to progress to the next level.

We have every size Kettlebell at our classes for your fitness level, from 4kg to 32kg.

Level 1– Beginners: Your first stepping stone to training with Brighton Kettlebells. Ideal for those with little experience with Kettlebells, low fitness levels or injuries. Here we work primarily in technique, with easy moves and less complicated drills.

Level 2– Intermediate: After a few weeks at level 1, you can progress to this level. If you already have experience with Kettlebells you are welcome to join us at this level. Workouts will be harder than level 1, with slightly longer workout time and less focus on technique.

Level 3– Advanced: Our ultimate class! This is our high-intensity class, where we burn more fat than any other class. Drills will be longer, with shorter rests. Our more complicated moves will be introduced, allowing you to take your fitness to levels you never imagined possible!

If you’re unsure about which level is right for you, please contact Christian here.


  • 6.15pm, Hove Seafont


  • 6.45pm, Hove Park (Women’s Only)


  • 9.30am, Livestream class via Zoom